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Bootcamp 2015

Bootcamp 2015

We are holding our annual bootcamp from 24. to 26. October in the RWTH Wildenhof located at the Rursee in the Eifel.
During this two day workshop, we will explain the new rules and discuss mechanical solutions for the many tasks.
We will also present our previous robot architectures so that you can a better idea of the tools we use during development.

The best chance for new students who want to join us is to participate in our bootcamp.
All the key engineers from last season will be there to share their knowledge.

If you want to sign up, drop us an email or better visit us at our weekly tuesday meetings.
Participations costs are about 40€ per person which includes food, shelter and transport.

In the meantime we have finished building our game arena which turned out quite beautiful this time:

Game Arena 2015