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A journey through five countries

A journey through five countries

Our little robot Hassle performed his first games during the UK national competition in Middlesex University. We used this competition to test our small robot in advance to the following competitions. Finally, we earned a second place. We were glad, to meet our friends in London again and are very thankfully for being able to compete there.


The next station in our exciting journey was Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. This time our big robot, Hoff, joined the match. During hard games against strong Belgium and international teams we experienced impressive and challenging matches. We reached the finals of the guests, where we lost against the Eseo Angers.


Enough training for now. In Stuttgart we competed then in the German national competition. We were happy to see so many teams there. Especially the team VtAS, who organized this whole event. Our robots won every game and finally we became the German champion. In the end Turag, Greendbirds and our team were qualified for the Eurobot Open in Paris.


Before visiting Paris, our robots traveled to Yverdon, Switzerland. In the national completion we made it to the final game. Team A.R.E.S. won the game and finalized it with a fancy parasol filled with glittery.


2016HasselHoffAfter these hard competition we kept improving our robots because we knew in Paris both robots, Hassel and Hoff, will meet the best teams on the beach. One main goal was to reduce the amount of time the robot Hoff needed to drive to the dune. There the robot should collect as much sand as possible with a brute force approach. The sand was the most competitive actions in the game and very crucial for success. In parallel, the small robot Hassel became more and more reliable to score all other points on the beach and in the sea: It is able to fish, collect seashells, close beach doors and support Hoff at the dune. In addition, both robots got a fresh look: We rearranged the logos of our generous sponsors on the whole outside.


In Paris, we faced our hardest opponent: The beach itself. We needed some time, some games and some defeats to adapt the software and hardware to the very sticky sand stones. Hoff, the big robot designated to move the sand, had huge problems to push the sand dune. But in the 5th round we had our comeback. With some tricky hammer method Hoff was able to lose the sand from the playground and push a great part of the dune in the building area. This game with 197 points was a great moment for the whole team.


Finally, we qualified for the finals. In the round of sixteen we played against Eseo Angers. Their big robot reached the dunes first and took the important sand points to its building area. Our little robot tried to collect all the points he was able to score, but finally he didn't managed to compensate for the lost points at the dune. This was the end of the adventure. We congratulate RCVA for winning the Eurobot Open.


We had a great time in the last months. We were able to build two great robots and participate in exciting competitions. It was nice to meet old friends again and make new ones during the competitions. The next season will be about a moon village. We eagerly await the new rules.